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Should I Rent a Car in Honolulu?

Should I Rent a Car in Honolulu?

Published on - 2022-08-26

If you’re coming to Honolulu, we know you’re not driving to get here. Shipping your car to the island is often too expensive or impractical, which is why most visitors to Hawai’i need a long-term car rental. Even if you’re just here for a few days, renting a car is your best option to see the sights on your schedule. So if you’re asking, “Should I rent a car in Honolulu?”, the answer’s probably, “Yes.” As for what kind of car and where to rent it, you have plenty of options on Oahu. The best choice depends on the specifics of your trip.

Length of Stay

Each year thousands of people travel to Honolulu for business, education, and relaxing getaways. If you’re planning to stay for more than two weeks, a long-term car rental may make the most sense. Many car rental companies in Honolulu offer discounted weekly or monthly rates, should you require transportation every day. In some cases—like if you’re a student or visiting scholar staying on campus—you might only need a car for weekend trips and would save more money by not doing a long-term rental.

Public Transportation & Parking

Like most large cities, Honolulu has the typical public transportation of buses, taxis, and ridesharing options like Uber and Lyft. There are also some pretty walkable parts of town, specifically Waikiki. If you plan on staying in Waikiki the entire time you’re on the island, you likely won’t need a car rental.

Exploring Oahu 

For short-term vacationers pondering whether to rent a car in Honolulu, consider the type of trip you want. Should I plan on exploring the whole island, or would I rather spend most days at the beach? Oahu has many breathtaking sights, including Diamond Head Crater, the Byodo-In Temple, Kualoa Ranch, and more. Each side of the island is a different experience, and it’s easily driveable.

While many excursion companies offer bus transportation from Honolulu, the downside is that you’ll be confined to a certain schedule or itinerary. You may wish to see multiple places on the same day that a bus tour doesn’t visit. A rental car gives you the maximum flexibility to explore at your own pace and on your own timetable.

Finding the Right Company

Many national brands offer competitive prices on long-term car rentals in Honolulu. But before you commit, it’s worth price shopping and comparing with some local car rental companies. Especially for a short-term vacation, many local companies can match or even beat the rates offered by national chains, and you can skip the hassle of waiting at the airport rental counter. With a smaller fleet of cars, it’s more likely that each vehicle is well-maintained and cleaned regularly, and you’ll be more likely to have a positive customer service experience if you make any last-minute changes or have a special request.

Book With GoVibe!

At GoVibe, we provide you with luxury, professional service that gets your vacation started on the right foot. We know how frustrating waiting at the airport can be, especially when you’re just trying to get to the beach! We offer a VIP concierge service that picks you up from the airport and skips the long wait at the counter.

We regularly inspect and maintain our vehicles, and we’re happy to provide extras like car seats and chargers. If you’re traveling with your pet or service animal, even your dog is welcome to ride along in a GoVibe car. So if you’re still wondering, “Should I rent a car in Honolulu?” check out our selection of available vehicles. If you have any questions, contact us. Our team is here to make your Hawai’i vacation unforgettable.

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