Traveling with Kids

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Family Activities on Oahu

Family Activities on Oahu

A father and young daughter walk along a beach

Hawai‘i is an excellent destination for a family vacation. White sand beaches, clear warm water, gorgeous scenery, and the deeply rooted, lively Hawaiian culture will surely inspire awe and spark a lifelong love of travel. With so many different climates and attractions, each day can feel like a different vacation! Whether adventure or relaxation appeals most to you, there are plenty of activities on Oahu for families to enjoy. Here are some of our favorites.

Go to the Beach

It seems obvious, but a day at the beach is still one of the best family-friendly activities in Hawai‘i. Oahu’s coastline offers plenty to choose from. Visit iconic Waikiki or take your GoVibe car along the coast away from the city crowds to a park like Makaha. Remember to bring your sunscreen.

Attend a Luau

Discover Hawaiian culture and history—as well as authentic cuisine—at a traditional luau. Kids and parents of all ages will enjoy the music, performances, and spectacular sunset.

Take a Hike

Although a mountain hike may seem too strenuous, hikes are actually one of the best activities on Oahu for families. Diamond Head Crater is certainly one of the most popular, but we also like Manoa Falls. You’ll find lots of stairs on hikes around the island so even younger kids can manage.

Swim with Dolphins

Kids love seeing marine mammals up close. Enjoy a guided, interactive encounter at Sea Life Park Hawaii. The park has numerous educational and experiential exhibits that will turn your kids into real-life explorers. Make sure to have your phone ready to take pictures.

Downtown Honolulu

It’s always a good idea to have some rainy day plans in your back pocket. Downtown Honolulu offers endless shopping, restaurants, and other family-friendly things to do like arcades, escape rooms, and virtual reality rides. When the sun’s back out, you’re still just steps from the beach.

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There’s no shortage of activities on Oahu for families. Hawai'i is a playground for both children and adults. Discover the natural wonders of the mountains and the rainforests, the vibrant wildlife, the storied culture, and the authentic—and delicious—cuisine.

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