Hawaiʻi Car Rentals: GoVibe Welcomes Travelers from China!

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Hawaiʻi Car Rentals: GoVibe Welcomes Travelers from China!

Hawaiʻi Car Rentals: GoVibe Welcomes Travelers from China!

Sand with pebbles spell Aloha to welcome travelers to Hawaiʻi

If you are visiting Hawaiʻi from China, you will find a vibrant, welcoming culture. More than 100,000 tourists from China come every year to Hawaiʻi, and many other Chinese visitors come to work or study. Some signs are in Mandarin, and some staff at sightseeing locations speak Chinese languages as well.

Our islands are full of natural beauty, but it is difficult to travel without a car. Fortunately, GoVibe makes car rentals in Hawaiʻi easy—you can book online from China!

How to Rent a Car in Hawaiʻi When Coming From China

China does not issue international driving permits based on the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic (1949). The State of Hawaii does allow Chinese travelers to use their Chinese driver’s licenses. We advise you to bring an English translation of your valid driver’s license and make sure you always have your passport with you when you are driving.

When you rent a car in Hawaiʻi, you must have your Chinese driver’s license with you. The rental car company may ask for your passport, too—be prepared to show both forms of identification when you pick up your car rental. Also, remember that you must be 25 years old or older to rent a car in Hawaiʻi.

Let GoVibe Guide Your Trip

GoVibe brings you the best available rental cars in Hawaiʻi. When you arrive from China, we will pick you up directly at the airport. You will not have to wait in a long line or sign complicated paperwork at a rental office. Our reservation process is simple and all online.

While you are here, make sure to schedule some of our favorite activities!

Go to a Luau - Experience an enchanting performance and authentic cuisine while you enjoy the beautiful sunset over the ocean. When you become a GoVibe Member, you will receive discounted tickets to our favorite luau at Paradise Cove. Becoming a Member is free! All you have to do is book a rental car with GoVibe.

Swim and Surf at the Beach - Oahu has miles of stunning, pristine coastline. Waikiki has the most famous beach with spectacular views and opportunities to learn how to surf, but you can also find quieter locations along the North Shore. It is easiest to tour many beaches when you have your own vehicle. GoVibe provides the perfect rental cars to see the whole island.

Go Snorkeling - Hanauma Bay is the perfect location for snorkelers of all experience levels, whether you are a beginner or advanced swimmer. Explore the coral reef, see tropical fish, and soak up the sun on the warm sands. We suggest you make a reservation before you go here.

Contact Us to Book Your Hawaiʻi Car Rental From China

Other car companies make you wait for an hour or more at an airport counter while they locate your reservation. GoVibe brings your car instantly and picks you up as soon as you land, helping you get to the beach faster. Start here to select your car online. You can manage your reservation in the GoVibe app and make changes up to 24 hours before your arrival.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to assist you with your car rental as well as suggest locations to visit in Honolulu. Book now for a stress-free, personalized concierge rental car experience from China!

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