Byodo-In Temple

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Byodo-In Temple

Byodo-In Temple

Hawaiʻi’s Byodo-In Temple

Established in 1968 to mark the 100th anniversary of the first Japanese settlers in Hawaiʻi, the Byodo-In Temple is a serene Buddhist place of worship and the highlight attraction in the Valley of the Temples Memorial Park located on the Windward Coast of Oahu.

The temple is a small-scale replica of the 900-year-old Byodo-In Temple in Uji, Japan. We love its quiet, calm, and peaceful atmosphere. It’s a must-visit if you go to Oahu.

Directions & Utilities

The Byodo-In Temple from the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport could take 30 minutes at most to reach using your rental car via H-3 E.

Visiting Hours & Entrance Fees

Hawaiʻi’s Byodo-In Temple opens at 8:30 am every day until 4:30 pm, except for a few public holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. The general admission is $5. Senior citizens (65+) pay only $4, and kids (under 13) are $2. There are group rates available, too.

We recommend booking ahead of time on the website.

Parking & Facilities

The temple offers ample free parking. You’ll also find clean restrooms along with a small food stall where you can grab a quick healthy snack when you get hungry. You are also permitted to bring outside food.

Dress Code

Many visitors to Hawaiʻi wonder if the Byodo-In Temple has a dress code. Formal dress is not required, but do be respectful of the grounds by wearing modest attire. Although it is not an active temple, the site does have a cemetery and columbarium.

Things To Do & See

Your visit to the temple will begin with taking off your shoes near the entrance and ringing the giant Sacred Bell, called the ‘Bon-sho,’ three times. The bell is intended to help you cleanse your spirit of negative energies.

Explore the Grounds

You can then enter the quiet grounds filled with lush greenery and manicured gardens to take in the relaxing sights and enjoy the wildlife. There’s a small bamboo forest at the back of the Byodo-In Temple and a meditation pavilion where you can spend some quality time connecting with your higher self.

Interact With the Wildlife

The grounds feature a reflection pond housing hundreds of Koi and other species of fish, wild peacocks, black ducks, turtles, and a few local birds who’d be eager to feed off your hands. You can buy bird and fish food at the nearby gift shop—the Byodo-In Temple kindly asks that you not feed the fish with any outside food.

Pay Your Respects

You can take your time offering your prayers to the giant gold-coated Buddha statue inside the Phoenix Hall and paying your respects to the solemn granite tombstones while the soothing sound of the vibrating bell fills the background.

Shop for Souvenirs

If you want to take a piece of Hawaiʻi’s Byodo-In Temple along with you, then you can shop for special souvenirs such as miniature bells and Buddha statues at the nearby gift shop. You can even find Japanese artwork and traditional clothing such as kimonos, happi coats, wedding gowns, Ichi-ban headbands, and more at the store.

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