Safety in Hawaii

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Is Honolulu Safe for Tourists

Is Honolulu Safe for Tourists

An aerial view of Honolulu

Honolulu is a vibrant city with beautiful surroundings—but with so many tourists each year, it’s natural to wonder if Honolulu is safe. While generally Hawai‘i is not dangerous for tourists, it’s best to maintain an awareness of your surroundings and common sense as you travel.


Honolulu’s violent crime rate is lower than the national average. It is still recommended to schedule most of your travel during daylight hours, to park in well-lit or covered places, and to remove all valuables from your vehicle. While ridesharing and public transportation are reliably safe in Honolulu, your lowest risk comes through renting a car with GoVibe.


While most tourists come hoping for sunshine, Hawai‘i can be dangerous in events of extreme weather. Tropical storms happen often throughout the year, however, hurricane season begins in June and ends in November. The most active months are July and August. To avoid any potential weather concerns impacting your vacation, try to plan your trip for a time of year when the natural disaster risk is lower.


Most hiking accidents happen when people leave marked trails or ignore warning signs. Bring plenty of water and some snacks before starting any hike. Also, make sure your phone battery is fully charged before leaving your hotel in case you need to make an emergency call.


While many tourists may think Hawai‘i is dangerous because of shark attacks, these are exceedingly rare. Strong currents and high waves present much greater risks. To stay safe in Honolulu or on any other Hawai‘i beach, always adhere to warnings about beach closures, follow lifeguard instructions, and stay close to shore. Never swim alone.

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No adventure is without some risk, but, all things considered, Honolulu is safe for tourists. Make the most of your time here by skipping the wait at the airport and getting to the beach faster. Reserve your car online and become a GoVibe Member for free. Discover our luxury concierge service at an affordable price.

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