Traveling with Pets

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Traveling with Pets: Take Your Dog to Hawaiʻi!

Traveling with Pets: Take Your Dog to Hawaiʻi!

Pet dogs traveling in Hawaiʻi in a rental car

Can I Travel With My Pet to Hawaiʻi?

Sure! Hawaiʻi is a great place to bring your pet. First, check your airline’s regulations about pet travel. Most airlines require your pet to be at least 8 weeks old, weaned, and in good health. If your dog can fit in a carrier under your seat, you may be able to take your dog to Hawaiʻi in the cabin.

Larger dogs that are pets can travel to Hawaiʻi as well, but they need to be in a comfortable kennel. They will either fly as checked baggage or as cargo.

Because service animals fall under the Americans With Disabilities Act, all certified service dogs travel in the cabin with you.

If you have a dog with a shortened face, like a French bulldog, bulldog, or pug, be sure to check with your airline. Some airlines prevent travel to Hawaiʻi with brachycephalic pets because snub-nosed dogs have trouble breathing on the flight.

Important Note About Taking Your Dog to Hawaiʻi

Hawaii accepts only dogs and cats from outside the state—no other animals. There is also a strict quarantine policy because Hawaiʻi is the only state without rabies. Depending on your destination, the documents and vaccinations you need to complete before travel may change. Be sure to check the regulations well before your travel date.

Check this list to be sure you can travel with your dog to Hawaiʻi hassle-free. For the most up-to-date information, contact your airline.

What Can I Do With My Pet in Hawaiʻi?

Rent a car from GoVibe and explore the island! We are a pet-friendly rental agency and accept all dogs. Take your dog to Hawaiʻi in style with superior service. We bring your car to you at the airport—no stress, no waiting in lines.

For overnights, Hawaiʻi is full of pet-friendly hotels. Cities like Honolulu have many hotels that accommodate pets and service dogs; some are right on the beach!

Other Places to Take Your Dog in Hawaiʻi

Go to the Beach

Many beaches accept dogs, and we know how dogs love the water! Imagine traveling to the clear blue Hawaiian waters with your pet. Just be sure to be respectful of others and their pets, and to clean up after your dog.

Remember to bring snacks and a water bottle for both you and your pet. You’ll want to stay hydrated while enjoying the beach. And, of course, never leave your pet in a hot car!

Take Your Dog Surfing in Hawaiʻi

Yes! You can surf with your dog! There are plenty of businesses that will work with you to train your dog to surf. If that seems like too much for your pet, try paddle boarding lessons instead. Your dog will love adventuring on the waves.

Hike a Trail

Kuli’ou’ou Ridge Trail, for example, is popular with hikers and pets. It’s about a 5-hour hike. Manoa Falls is a shorter hike that makes for a great morning outing.

Luxuriate at a Dog Spa

Treat your pet to some extra TLC at Honolulu Dog Spa, one of several in the city. Both you and your dog deserve some pampering when you’re visiting Hawai’i!

Eat the Cuisine of Hawai’i

Many restaurants in Honolulu are pet-friendly and offer outdoor seating. Enjoy the variety of food Hawaiʻi has to offer with your canine companion.

Go For A Drive

You know your dog would love nothing better than traveling around Hawaiʻi with his head out the window, basking in the coastal breeze. At GoVibe, we love dogs. We know it’s stressful enough to bring a pet through the airport, so let us pick you up the moment you arrive. GoVibe offers competitive rates, personalized concierge rental service, and free cancellation up to 24 hours before you arrive. Maximize your time and get to the beach faster with GoVibe. Check out our available rentals.

Aloha and enjoy your trip!

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